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The College Board has released a new report, Delivering Opportunities, that details the results from the first full year of delivering opportunities through the new SAT Suite of Assessments to help get students ready to enter and succeed in college and workforce training programs. 

In 2014, the College Board decided to rethink the SAT. For far too long, results revealed that most students were not prepared to enter and succeed in college-level work or workforce training programs. That’s why we redesigned the SAT to focus on what is being taught in classrooms that is essential for college and career readiness and transformed it from a one-time event to a carefully sequenced suite of assessments that measures college readiness from 8th to 12th grades. We then looked at how the SAT Suite of Assessments could go beyond delivering test scores to delivering opportunities designed to help students clear a path to college.

In this report, you’ll find results on how well the College Board delivered opportunities to students in 2016-17, including these major findings:

  • Early exposure to college readiness assessments appears to improve student achievement.
  • Free, personalized SAT practice promotes more equitable outcomes.
  • More students are accessing educational and career planning tools to help them plan a path to college and career.
  • Offering the SAT during the school day improves college access.
  • More students are connecting to scholarships through the SAT Suite of Assessments.
  • SAT fee waivers and free score reports improve college access for low-income students.
  • Retaking the SAT increases college access, especially for low-income students.
  • Identifying students with AP potential can increase AP enrollment and expand access to college credit.