Want to participate in one of our studies?

Participate in College Board Research Studies

College Board is committed to improving the quality of our academic and college planning products and services. One of the ways we gather important feedback for such improvement is through research studies. If you’re the parent or guardian of an 8th- to 12th-grade student, and your student is interested in making some money or receiving free services while engaging in academic work or college planning activities, please sign up to participate in one of our research studies.

The studies allow students to work remotely on their computer. Students will engage in different types of academic work, such as writing, reading, or math activities, or participate in programs or services College Board is exploring to connect students with college opportunities. We may also be interested in your feedback on programs and services we’re exploring to help parents support their child on their journey to college.

Student participants will be compensated for their time with gift certificates or access to free programs and services. The studies will vary in the amount of work required and compensation available. In order for students to participate in a study, a parent or guardian will need to complete a parent consent form, and students will need to complete a student consent form. The parent consent form will be provided when you are contacted about any active studies your student may be eligible for. Students will receive a consent form once their parent or guardian has approved their participation in the study.