About College Board Research

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College Board’s Learning and Assessment division is a multidisciplinary group of experts in Psychometrics, Education Research, Learning Science, Assessment Design and Development, and Market Research. Together, these teams provide data- and evidence-driven perspectives, insights, and innovations that are direct, easily understood, meaningful, and drive actions in support of all students’ college and career success.

Learning and Assessment staff provides high quality, innovative, and accurate test development and psychometric expertise that yields fair and valid College Board programs and assessments. They conduct world-class research to pursue answers to some of the most challenging and imperative questions in assessment validity, educational opportunity, and social justice, and they generate solutions that tackle complex problems in educational learning and assessment.

The insights and innovations provided by Learning and Assessment play an integral role in guiding and driving work in fulfillment of College Board’s overall mission, as well as providing industry leadership and facilitating collaboration with our colleagues across the field of K-12 and higher educational research.