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Table 1: How Have College-Bound Students Changed in 10 years? (.pdf/38K)


Table 2: Table 2: Mean SAT Scores of College-Bound Seniors, 1967-2006 (.pdf/31K)


Table 3: Mean SAT Reasoning Test™ Critical Reading, Math and Writing Scores by State, with Changes for Selected Years (.pdf/41K)


Graph 4: Ten-Year Upward Trend in Mean Mathematics Score; Critical Reading Mean Score Declines; Writing is Introduced (.pdf/35K)


Graph Set 5: Increase in the Study of Advanced Math (.pdf/31K)


Graph 6: Minority Students Were 38% of SAT Takers in the Class of 2006 (.pdf/29K)


Table 7: Most Racial/Ethnic Groups See an Increase in Mathematics Over 10 Years, Mixed Picture for Critical Reading (.pdf/34K)


Graph 8: Participation in Challenging Courses Varies by Race/Ethnicity of 2006 College-Bound Seniors (.pdf/29K)


Graph 9: High School GPAs by Race/Ethnicity in Comparison to All Students' Mean GPA (.pdf/29K)


Graph 10: Mean SAT Scores of 2006 College-Bound Seniors Vary by Race/Ethnicity(.pdf/29K)


Graph 11: Mean High School GPAs of 2006 College-Bound Seniors Vary by Race/Ethnicity (.pdf/28K)


Graph 12: Percentage of First-Generation 2006 College-Bound Seniors Varies for Each Racial/Ethnic Group (.pdf/28K)


Graph 13: Female Percentage of First-Generation 2006 College-Bound Seniors Is Higher Than Males Across All Racial/Ethnic Groups (.pdf/28K)


Graph 14: SAT Scores Rise When First-Generation College-Bound Seniors Take Challenging Mathematics/Science Courses (.pdf/28K)


Graph 15: SAT Scores Rise with Higher Levels of Parental Education (.pdf/29K)


Graph 16: High School GPAs of A+, A and A- Rise with Family Income and Parental Education (.pdf/28K)


Table 17: Rising Grades and Falling Test Scores May Signal Grade Inflation(.pdf/34K)


* This information is based on the number of students who responded to each corresponding question on the SAT Questionnaire, an optional questionnaire that most students complete when they register for the SAT. The number of students responding and the number not responding to each question are reported in the College-Bound Seniors National Report.


Using aggregate scores

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