PSAT-Related Assessments Data

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Every fall, students take the PSAT/NMSQT to help determine their level of readiness for college. The PSAT/NMSQT Summary Reports summarize the characteristics, scores, and educational plans of the sophomores and juniors who took the exam.

Learn about the PSAT/NMSQT 2014 State Summary Reports for College-Bound Juniors and Sophomores.

Putting the numbers in context

Refer to your School (or System) Summary of Answers and Skills Reports to compare your local data with the national- and state-level data on these reports.

PSAT/NMSQT data and AP

Using PSAT/NMSQT data, researchers have found that PSAT/NMSQT scores are predictive of AP Exam performance. As a result, the College Board developed AP Potential, a free, web-based tool that allows schools to generate rosters of students who are likely to score a 3 or better on a given AP Exam. AP Potential is designed to help schools increase access to AP and to ensure that no student who has the chance of succeeding in AP is overlooked.