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Equating the Scores of the Prueba de Aptitud Acadamica and the Scholastic Aptitude Test

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William H. Angoff
Linda L. Cook

The present study is a replication of an earlier study conducted by Angoff and Modu (1973) to develop algorithms for converting scores expressed on the SAT scale to scores expressed on the College Board Prueba de Aptitud Académica (PAA) scale, and vice versa. However, some differences in procedures used in these two studies are worth noting, and this report contributes both in substance and method to the translation and equating of tests. The method involved two phases: (1) the selection of test items equally appropriate and useful for English- and Spanish-speaking students for use as an anchor test in equating the two tests; and (2) the equating analysis itself. The equating showed definite curvilinear relationships in both verbal and mathematical tests, indicating in this instance that both sections of the PAA are easier than the corresponding SAT sections. The results also showed good agreement between the current conversions and the 1973 Angoff-Modu conversions for the mathematical tests, but not so close agreement for the verbal tests.

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