Validity Handbook

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Your guide to test validity

The ACES™ Validity Handbook is an online reference guide that answers three main questions:

  • What is test validity?
  • Why is it an important issue for institutions?
  • How do I conduct my own validity studies?

An invaluable reference for admission officers, administrators, deans, faculty, and officials in charge of placement decisions, the ACESValidity Handbook will guide you through ACES validity studies and help you understand your results. The handbook also includes information about validity beyond what is specifically applicable to the ACES program, allowing you to expand your understanding of validity in general.

Among other things, ACES validity studies can help you:

  • Use admission information to make inferences about students future performance
  • Place students into specific course levels depending on their performance on a placement test

ACES admission validity studies

Admission validity studies evaluate the measures that are used in admission decisions to determine how well your admission criteria work alone and in combination with other predictors as well as the most effective weighting for the various predictors. Additionally, reports identify underperforming students, so you can take the necessary steps to help at-risk students.

Admission studies can be completed using:

  • SAT™
  • SAT and SAT Subject Tests™

ACES placement validity studies

Using a combination of College Board tests, your own departmental tests, and additional predictors such as a student's high school courses, placement validity studies evaluate your course placement policies.

Placement studies can be completed using:

  • AP (Advanced Placement Program®)
  • CLEP®
  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests

ACES offers you two types of placement validity studies—predictive and concurrent.

Predictive validity studies evaluate student performance on the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACCUPLACER tests to predict performance in a course. AP Exam grades can also be utilized to compare course grades for students who took a course with or without taking the prerequisite course.

Concurrent validity studies evaluate your CLEP policy by correlating exam scores with student grades in corresponding courses. Concurrent validity studies help you determine which CLEP scores qualify students to receive credit for an equivalent course at your institution.

Ready to begin?

ACES validity studies inform your admission and placement policies. Let ACES help you identify the students who will thrive at your institution.

Choose an admission validity study or a placement validity study to begin the process today.