Admitted Class Evaluation Service (ACES)

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Validate your admission and placement policies

Despite all the measures you use to make admission and placement decisions, you may not know which combinations are the best indicators of successful performance at your college. Do the criteria you use for admitting students accurately predict first-year grade point average? Can scores on a test predict course grades in English 101?

Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES) is a free online service that predicts how admitted students will perform at your institution generally and how successful they can be in specific classes. ACES helps you answer important questions about the assessments you use to admit and place students at your institution.

ACES offers you free, easy-to-read validity studies

ACES offers two types of validity studies—admission and placement. These studies identify the optimum combination of measures to predict a student's future performance at your institution. ACES studies evaluate the differences for predicting the success of specific student groups and document the probability of error. Each ACES report features:

  • In-depth analysis of findings
  • General background information to help you examine the study in greater detail
  • Interpretive text highlighting key findings
  • Colorful presentation and graphics

ACES admission validity studies typically use high school grade point average (HSGPA) or high school rank, along with SAT™ scores, to establish the best combination of variables to predict student performance at your institution. You choose additional variables based on what you believe to be important contributors for predicting the academic success of your students. Examples of additional predictors are:

  • SAT Subject Tests™ scores
  • Years of study in a particular subject area
  • Scores on tests developed by your institution

ACES placement validity studies predict how students will perform in future college classes by comparing student performance in selected courses with student scores from College Board tests such as:

  • ACCUPLACER® tests
  • AP Exams
  • CLEP exams
  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests

ACES gives you continuous validation

It is critical to verify that current admission and placement measures are valid measures for future classes. To be certain your admission and placement standards remain valid, you should conduct an ACES study at least every three years.

Take the first step now

Before you get started, think about the question(s) you would like to answer and decide which cohort of students or course you would like to use in your study.

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Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES™)

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