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Table 1: How Have College-Bound Students Changed in 10 Years? (.pdf/21KB)


Table 2: Average SAT Scores of Entering College Classes, 1967-2002 (.pdf/23KB)


Table 3: Mean SAT I Verbal and Math Scores by State, with Changes for Selected Years (.pdf/30KB)


Graph 4: Average Math Score Has Steadily Increased; No Comparable Improvement in Verbal Score (.pdf/14KB)


Graph 5: Study of Advanced Math Has Increased; Study of English Composition and Grammar Has Decreased (.pdf/36KB)


Graph 6: Minorities Were 35 Percent of SAT Takers in the Class of 2002 (.pdf/17KB)


Table 7: Strong SAT Math Score Gains for Almost All Racial/Ethnic Groups between 1992 and 2002 (.pdf/19KB)


Graph 8: Study of Subjects Associated with Higher SAT Scores Varies by Race/Ethnicity (.pdf/19KB)


Graph 9: High School GPAs of SAT Takers Vary by Race/Ethnicity (.pdf/18KB)


Graph 10: SAT Scores Vary by Race/Ethnicity (.pdf/18KB)


Graph 11: Most Gaps between High School GPAs of White and Non-White Students Have Increased (.pdf/20KB)


Graph 12: Percentage of First-Generation College Students Varies for Each Racial/Ethnic Group (.pdf/20KB)


Graph 13: Greater Percentage of First-Generation Students Are Female (.pdf/21KB)


Graph 14: Average SAT Scores Vary with Parental Education (.pdf/20KB)


Graph 15: SAT Scores Rise When First-Generation College Students Take Challenging Courses (.pdf/18KB)


Graph 16: A-Level High School GPAs Tend to Rise With Family Income and Parental Education (.pdf/20KB)


Table 17: Average SAT Scores Vary by School Location (.pdf/16KB)


Table 18: Rising Grades and Falling Test Scores May Signal Grade Inflation (.pdf/16KB)


Using aggregate scores

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