Research's suite of publications is designed to meet the needs of our membership and education community. Whether validating one of our programs or discussing a new methodology that helps ensure a program better serves students, the following publication types meet this need:

  • Research Reports: original quantitative research written for an audience ranging from institutional researchers and education researchers to admission officers.
  • Info To Go™ Summaries: graphical synopses of accompanying Research Reports, primarily comprised of visualized data with very little text, written for a wide audience.
  • Research in Review: developed as a review of existing literature or original research that is aimed at a broader audience.
  • Research Briefs: synopses of a Research Report or Research Note written for a broader audience with less technical language.
  • Policy Briefs: created to showcase new, rigorous, empirical evidence on important education policy topics written for policy-makers and decision-makers in education.
  • Research Notes: original quantitative analyses which are shorter in length and narrower in focus in comparison to Research Reports, written for an audience ranging from institutional researchers and education researcher to admission officers.
  • Statistical Reports: developed to explore technical elements of our programs and designed to explore specific elements within our programs, written for researchers.
  • Technical Reports: created to meet responsibilities and due diligence as a high stakes test publisher with technical terms and concepts but will be written for a broad, but informed audience.


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